Reflection … Zootopia

Night float months means plenty of late evenings watching movies as my sleep cycle slowly disintegrates with each week [lol] . The last one I watched was Zootopia on Netflix — my initial impression being it was something about a rabbit trying to become a police officer in a city i.e Zootopia. Surprisingly it was so much more than that. The movie dove head first into complicated issues such as racial profiling, prejudice and self-limiting believes and what it takes to overcome these barriers. Pretty impressive for an animated cartoon featuring a rabbit and fox. Not to mention it did all this without losing it’s fun nature and charm.

Now a days we can’t listen to the media without quickly hearing of the tension between group A and group B. One thing thats caught my attention is the sundry of labels that people have latched on to in order to identify with something. Leftists, rightists, antifa, alt-right are just some that come to mind. It seems like people are defining themselves not only by what they believe but also by who they are against. With mindsets like this it’s no surprise there is so much tension to around.

Fables are known to impasse some lessons to their readers and over time it seems like animated films have replaced them to a degree. I commend this movie for tackling such a complicated issue with clarity. A nice surprise in the middle of a busy month.

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