After eight long years of higher education the days are quickly dwindling to the morning I step into the cold, bustling hospital wing as a fresh intern. The past week has been a rush–meeting my new colleagues and getting to know the people I’ll be spending the majority of the next three years with has been filled with laughter and happy moments. I’m really grateful to have such dedicated, intelligent individuals to learn and grow with.

Learning the computer system and how to document properly has been a different experience all together. Though not bad it’s something I want to get good at very quickly so I can begin to focus on patient care itself. Unfortunately I can only begin to practice when I’m on the ward or in clinic so I try to pay attention as much as I can through the thorough training sessions we have. Hopefully it won’t take me too long to grow accustomed to what seems like a foreign process at the moment.

Other then what’s going on in the hospital the city of Omaha has been a pleasant surprise! I’ve spent the majority of my life 30 miles north of New York City; in a residential town with tall, leafy trees as far as the eye could see. A short five minute drive on the interstate would land you in the middle of a busy shopping center or mall where you could enjoy some of the nicer franchise stores that the U.S has to offer. Omaha is much like this–but bigger! Along with these things it also has a great downtown area called “Old Market” which is a series of twisting, cobble-stoned streets. On their edges are delicious restaurants, interesting stores, and musicians playing tunes well into the calm Nebraska evening. It’s an experience I wasn’t expecting but am pleasantly surprised to have!


Besides going through orientation I’ve done a few things to hopefully make my transition into residency a bit easier.

Signed up for Up to Date & Epocrates

These are cited as the most reliable sources by almost everyone I talk to. I’ve used both as a medical student but I’m now setting up my Ipad to use these frequently throughout the year.

Getting organized

Folders, white boards, and a lot of cork walls. One side of my apartment looks like an aisle at Office Max but I already know an avalanche of information is waiting to fall on me so I took the time to create a workspace that could survive the experience.

Making my apartment comfortable

I think a big part of this was signing the lease to a place I liked in the first place. I went through many options before doing so and settled on a living arrangement that was both affordable and comfortable. The first few months are said to be both long and stressful for interns and I wanted to make sure I’d be coming home to place I could relax and recharge. The apartment I ended up signing would serve both these purposes and it’s close to the hospital which means I get a few minutes of sleep each night (important for me).

Spending time with friends & family

The weeks before leaving New York were full of time spent with the people I care about the most. I had great dinners, evenings out on the lake, and a weekend spent relaxing in Montauk. Work is important to me (as it is for everyone that got this far) but balancing it with time spent with friends and family is a priority I never want to ignore. I think that as physicians we do ourselves a disservice if we forget how to enjoy and appreciate the company of other humans.

Well that’s it for now. I’m enjoying this last weekend and looking forward to the last two days of orientation. July 1st is approaching quickly and my mind is bouncing back and forth from the excitement and fear of it all. I’ll be sure to write about the experience in the next week or two. Until next time, good night!



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