A sharp pain moves from the tips of my fingers towards my palm. I ball my hand into a fist and thrust them deeper into the warm interiors of my pockets hoping that the depth provides some protection in this frigid weather. It’s below ten degrees in Omaha Nebraska and a blue hue seems to have blanketed the horizon. I reach the entrance and momentarily my hands leave their cozy sanctuary to grasp the frigid door handle; the discomfort of a quick chill yields to the reward of warmth as the hospital air now slowly melts aways winter’s touch.

When I was up in Minnesota, it would get so damn cold we would tell the fellows to carry candles in their car. God forbid the car would stop working, all you would need is a single candle lit to keep your fingers from falling off. — Attending Physician

Much like the weather, residency goes through seasons. There have been trying times when just getting through the next five minutes was all that mattered and other times when a calm would take over. As I punch in the numbers to take me up to the resident’s lounge I wonder what my last six months of residency have in store for me and what lays beyond it.

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