It seems like only yesterday I was trudging through the murky waters that were Step 1 studying. Those endless pathways of sugar metabolism and index cards covered with factoids kept me on the edge of my seat for weeks. The end of each long day would be a reprieve but could never eclipse the moments in which I finally understood something difficult or tamed a once complicated concept. Those eureka moments were the best times of school, and I honestly wouldn’t trade them away for anything.

Looking back now I almost miss the whole ordeal, like an old friend with bad habits I could never hate because of the few really special moments we shared. I feel crazy saying that, but when so much of your life is measured by how much you can memorize there’s no reason not to appreciate the work you put in before the grades.

Or even enjoy it. That’s how I feel about Step 2 CK anyway. Studying during clinicals has been a circus show so far. Waking up at 6AM is as painful as it sounds and spending the entire day making sure I’m not tripping over IV lines or saying something really dumb is exhausting. Mustering up the grit to actually study after a full day of patient interviews, attempts at various procedures (this goes where?!?), and hours spent obtaining patient information from records (don’t get me started), requires some connection with a higher power that I haven’t climbed enough mystical temples to create (working on it).

So yes readers, I am very excited to have been lucky enough to schedule in some time away from clinicals to focus exclusively on Step 2 CK studying. How’s it going you ask? Fantastic. Just kidding it’s awful, but the good news is that all the lessons I learned from my Step 1 studying are coming in handy now.

Lessons like…

  • Do tons of questions (Uworld)
  • Pick a few sources and do them well (Step up to Step 2 CK + Doctors in Training Videos)
  • Time put in x focus = results (aka no Facebook or twitter)
  • Don’t stop.

I have a couple more weeks until I begin my MFM rotation which I’m both anticipating because high risk obstetrics sounds amazing, but also dreading since I’ll have to somehow make time to study for Step 2 in between delivering babies. Pretty sure mother’s won’t be happy with me bringing books and highlighters into the L&D rooms.

Guess I’ll make the best of it. <–medical student mantra.

A dream doesn’t become reality through magic; it takes sweat determination and hard work. – Colin Powell

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