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Welcome to my blog! You’re probably wondering who I am and what this is all about. Those are great questions and I’ll do my best to fill you in. My name is Osman, I’m an internal medicine physician currently acting as a chief resident at the Montefiore Medical Center – Wakefield Division. My medical training has taken me many places but before I packed my bags and walked into the anatomy lab I was in Rockland County, New York. Located about 30 miles from New York City, I spent my whole childhood here until going upstate to Syracuse University as a premed majoring in Biology. Go Orange!

After college I accepted an offer to study at American University of the Caribbean on the island of Sint Maarten. Those were some of the most challenging and transformative years of my life! After two years abroad I finished the second half of my training in various hospitals throughout New York City and was accepted at Creighton University’s internal medicine residency program.

Omaha, Nebraska was both different and quite similar to what I had been used to in New York. Although the towering skyscrapers and multitude of noises had dimmed they gave way to three fantastic years of learning clinical medicine with some of the best people I had up until then had the privilege of studying with. On my last day walking out of the hospital I knew I had made the right choice.

I guess that catches us up to the present with one last lingering question — why do I write? The simple answer is I love it! I enjoy the process of reflecting on past experiences and making sense of things after I’ve learned from them. I think growing as a physician in clinical medicine works the same way. Maybe it’s become a habit! At any rate, I hope that you enjoy what you see before you, maybe as a stranger glancing into a life different than theres or a colleague who finds the journey much too familiar. Either way, I’m truly grateful to you for stopping by. Cheers!

Some places I’ve been:

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