Let’s face the facts, medical students are poor, we’re up to our eyeballs in debt and don’t exactly lead the so called “doctor lifestyle.” Where we choose to spend our hard earned student loan dollars is not a trivial issue. I’ve had my pair of noise canceling for nearly my entire medical school career (Bose QC 15) and I couldn’t be more satisfied with the purchase. Should you take the plunge and go for a pair? Definitely. Here are 5 reasons why.

They’re the perfect study buddy.

A good study environment is an absolute necessity; you must be completely immersed and focused. There’s no better way to do that than with the sensation of being in a quiet cocoon, leaving just you with your books or notes. I know the library is great, but even it has it’s distractions with people whispering and shuffling papers around. Now it’s important to realize that the headphones won’t completely shut all sound out (that’s not what they’re designed to do). They will however get rid of all the background ambient noise. Having these also allows you to comfortably go to a coffee house or other venues to study. Being able to really get in the zone and work is in an invaluable asset.

 They are a great in-flight accessory.

Come interview time, you’re really going to start racking up those frequent flier miles. Some of you will be traveling cross country and maybe even returning to programs for second looks. This can get quite exhausting. Having a good pair of noise canceling headphones can significantly improve your travel comfort. Being able to drown out that airplane engine noise with some good music, a TV show, or movie will make your traveling experience much more pleasurable. Also traveling comfortably might even help cut down on all travel stress (it did for me), thus allowing you to arrive at your destination better refreshed. Worrying about what questions will be asked and how you’ll perform in an interview is tough enough as it is. The least you can do for yourself is make sure your journey is as relaxing as possible.

 Ideal for unwinding.

Most medical students don’t have time to actually watch TV… on TV. Our schedules revolve around class and studying for exams. In between nothing beats streaming a good show or movie. Having a good pair of headphones will ensure that you’re able to enjoy these little breaks even more. Being able to really unwind and immerse yourself into a show while taking a break can go a long way in helping you destress and a good pair of noise canceling headphones will do just that. If you like to listen to music you’ll immediately appreciate how much richer and crisper your songs sound coming out of a high end product rather than your run of the mill ear buds. Getting use out of a product during your productive studying time and your unwinding time is an amazing value that should not overlooked.

 They will last you all of medical school.

Longevity is always an important factor. Sure a product can be great for you, but if it’s only helpful for the short term then it’s definitely not worth it on a medical student budget. Noise canceling headphones will absolutely last you through all four years of school (and more) if you take some very minor precautions. Obviously spilling an energy drink should be avoided but anything short of that  and they’ll do just fine…they’re durable! Also in terms of becoming obsolete, noise canceling headphones are not like other pieces of technology. The technology behind noise canceling evolves quite slowly. Rest assured that if you buy a pair today, they won’t become outdated for at least a couple of years.

You deserve something nice.

We all work hard! We deprive ourselves of all the fun and debauchery that most people in their mid 20’s are experiencing. Spending our weekends in the library, our free time stressing (about our next subject exam, board exam, or matching into residency) comes with the territory!. From time to time, it’s OK to splurge on something nice. Granted, being medical students means that purchases have to be well thought out and justified. So if you are going to invest into something it might as well be a product you’re going to get a lot of good use out of. A pair of noise canceling headphones is just that.

What are some of your favorite studying tools and/or gadgets? Discuss below!

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Do you recommend beats by dre or Bose


I recommend bose. The noise canceling is superior than beats in most independent tests. If you’re someone who really values bass in their music than consider beats. The best way to go is to try both sets on and choose the ones that fit your specific needs better